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Tony Prenger

BSBA specializing in Marketing

The Ohio State University

Fisher College of Business


Hello! I'm Tony Prenger

I am a soon-to-be college graduate from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing. Watch the video to the right to learn more about why I became a marketer.


Aug 21 – Present

Ultimate 3D Printing Store

Digital Marketing Specialist

         As a Digital Marketing Specialist at Ultimate 3D Printing Store, I have the opportunity to learn and grow in the field was trained in, all while working with machines I have a passion for. At Ultimate 3D Printing Store, I primarily handle organic site traffic, site structure, and the overall organization of almost 5,000 products.

          Working here has taught me a lot about SEO and writing product copy, lots of copy. It has also taught me how to work cross-departmentally to proactively solve problems in a startup-like environment.

Aug 18 – May 21

Windows Consultant/Lab Grader

         Working as a student grader within the Computer Science and Engineering department of Ohio State was by far the most technical job I have ever had. Grading and teaching Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, Word, and Access required an intimate knowledge of these programs.

        This job also built upon skills that I had learned in previous positions. I was able to apply the skills I learned as a sailing instructor to teach students complex and abstract concepts effectively.

Nov 19 – Sep 20


        Working at Bottom’s Up Coffee obviously taught me a great deal about coffee, but it also taught me about properly serving customers. While every customer comes in for a similar product, delicious coffees and teas, each customer also comes in with different expectations about how the service will fulfill these desires. Quickly understanding these expectations was critical to providing customers with the best possible experience.

May 13 – Jul 20

Sailing Instructor

        The most valuable skill I learned as a sailing instructor was that of communication; specifically, adapting my teaching methods to suit the needs of different students and their personalities. As an instructor, I taught both children and adults. Children and adults require vastly different teaching styles to be effective.

        I believe this job was very formative for both my communication skills as well as my personal ethos moving forward in life. Adaptability is a pillar of my life because one solution cannot solve every problem.


I am naturally curious and love taking on new challenges. This takes the form of my wide breadth of knowledge, skills, and experiences. I am never satisfied with what I already know and where I have been, I always want to learn more and keep improving.

The world is ever-changing, so I need to be ever-changing with it. This does not mean that I am always completely remaking who I am, rather, I always seek to adjust to a given situation and improve my mindset and outlook.

Working directly with customers during my years of experience in the service industry has taught me many communication skills. Customers, co-workers, and employers all require different modes of communication, and I have learned how to interact with each group effectively through hands on experience.

Working as a grader and teaching assistant for a class teaching Microsoft Access, Excel, and Word for 3 years has given me extensive experience in the programs. This experience has taught me how to effectively use the programs as well as the primary problems others encounter.

I take pride in my ability to reason through complex problems and come to creative and effective solutions. Some of the most important processes to finding these solutions is perspective-taking and information gathering. Using all available resources and acknowledging the perspectives of others leads to strong solutions.

I have been working in teams my whole life, whether it be on sports fields as a child, in the classroom, or on the job. Teamwork is one of the most important skills of a successful organization, and I am able to work together effectively with others so we can be more than the sum of our parts.

As you can see from the construction of this website, I have extensive experience with WordPress. This site was designed and built myself, and has taught me many of the intricacies of the WordPress program.

I firmly believe that a knowledge of computer programming is becoming ever more vital in our computer driven world. Programming knowledge gives us the ability to work more effectively and efficiently by automating laborious and repetitive tasks. I have at least a basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C++, and Python.


Joshua Boone Former Owner of Bottom's Up Coffee

My initial concern with any new hire is trust. I have to rely on my employees to provide quality service to my customers with limited oversight. Fortunately, I found Tony to not only be trustworthy and take pride in the quality of his work, but he was also proactive; identifying and fixing issues before they became a bigger concern and independently improving processes where they could and should be improved. Furthermore, I appreciated his humility and constant willingness to learn or adjust traditional way of doing things. If given the opportunity, I would hire Tony again, and I'd recommend anyone else to do the same.

Curtis Haugtveidt Associate Professor of Marketing at The Ohio State University

Tony was an enthusiastic student in my course in the Fisher College of Business. In addition to basic coursework (textbook and journal article readings, etc.) students in my courses are required to go well beyond the existing materials and reflect on the implications of the materials for future research, business practice, and the development of public policy. Students also take leadership roles in group discussions and in their own curations of topics. Tony excelled in all aspects of the course. His comments/reflections were very insightful and he provided consistently helpful guidance for other students. It was a pleasure to have him in my class. I predict he will do great things in his career!

Catherine McKinley Lecturer at The Ohio State University

I was concerned that Tony could not handle the work effectively with his school course load, but I realized that he was very capable of handling work and completing his coursework. He also helped me by assisting new hires to learn the processes of the job. I liked Tony's willingness to help others and reach out to me if he had any questions or concerns. Three perks of hiring Tony were his flexibility of working out of his comfort zone, his ability to work well with others, and he completes tasks in a timely manner. I would recommend Tony because I feel he dedicates himself to whatever job or task he takes on. He has a strong work ethic. I've appreciated having Tony as an employee.

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